Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jessica & Her Shoes

This is Jessica, she's getting married to my best friend, Jared, on June 4th!  She is this silly, soft-hearted, good person, I'm lucky to have in my life.  She always supports my art endeavors.  She's the first to offer if I need any kind of help, comes to every event I do, and will wake up at 7 am, to go to a craft show and stay outside all day in the raining pollen to support me!  Don't you wish she was your friend too now?  She is truly a great friend, and awesome person to have around.  I always tell her thank you, but I wanted to do something special for her to show my appreciation. So I took her love for dinosaurs and bright colors and this was the outcome!

So she loved them, and everyone was happy.  Well THEN, I was checking out the engagement photos and what shoes are Jessica wearing you ask?!  The TOMS I painted for her.  She didn't mention it, so it totally surprised me.  I was so excited and flattered.  That someone would love my work enough to wear them in some very important photos! More Photos of Jessica's TOMS

Want to hear her side? Here it is!

What can I say about my amazing custom TOMS?! I can tell you one thing for sure....they are, without a doubt, a fabulous expression of me! When Kelli asked me what I wanted on my TOMS, I had no idea. I told her to surprise me. Well Kelli fans, that's exactly what she did. My TOMS were AWESOME! I couldn't find the words to express the awesomeness. I still can't. I'm no stranger to Kelli's art, but even I was in awe of the detail of the designs.

I am bonkers about dinosaurs so I obviously love the dino scenes! There are so many different dinosaurs on there and the plants and mountains are super amazing also.

The tops with all the different colors and shapes and lines are awesome as well. I love bright colors and funky designs.

Kelli is amazing at her art. There is clearly no question about that. I was just overwhelmed at how much my shoes represent my personality with me giving her nothing to start from.    -Jessica

Jessica & Jared's Engagement Photos were taken by James Robicheaux.  
Check out his work at

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sara said...

Aw, what a great friend! You did an amaaaazing job on her shoes! and I love that she wore them for her engagement photos :)