Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kellism - Life of Kelli

Kellism = a style of painting I developed as my own type.  Actually that's not true Kellism is just Kelli & Sm, the first to letters of my last name put together.  As well as a joke to friends that it's a religion. 

I'm just a lady in the world that loves being creative.  It's literally helped me stay sane in difficult times.  Definitely my dose of therapy, besides you can see the finished product.  I'm not trying to be worldly famous, or be rich, I just want to do something I love.  I believe there are plenty of people who can understand that concept.  I go to stores, or offices, and everyone is absolutely miserable.  They work there to support their family, and because "you have to work to survive."  I've been told by my parents when I was young, doesn't matter what you do, as long as you have a job.  I love my parents, seriously, they are amazing.  Though I'm not quite convinced that's the message of today's world.  They had a rough, my mom was on her own by 16, and she had to do what she had to do to survive.  In my case, I have always had my family support system behind me.  This may be a burden and a blessing.  Because of this, I have had so many choices, WAY more choices than anyone should need.  I have so many interests, and I tend to catch on to new stuff quick.  Before college I had decided I was going for architecture.  In 9th grade I had a drafting/woodworking class, and I decided then that was it.  Needless to say, I'm hardheaded when I get an idea and make up my mind.  Then I had a photograpy course in high-school.  It was manual cameras and darkroom developing.  I fell in love. I wanted to badly to go for photography in college, but I am a very practical person.  I knew photography would be a tough career path and architecture sounded like the more wise choice.  I'm not sure that I regret it today.  Design taught me so much invaluable information, that I would never trade.  It was like art school, photography, graphic design and architecture all in one.  All of which I still use to this day.  I ended up moving away and working for architecture firm for about a year.  I had depression problems, didn't like my job, and was miserable without any of my family or close friends.  I decided it was time to go back home and get some help.  Depression runs in our family, but growing up my mother liked to say "Kelli, you just love being miserable."  Years later I'm diagnosed with clinical depression.  Trust me, I never loved being miserable.  For many many years of my life, I was overwhelming sad for no reason.  I had a wonderful family live, great friends, I was never abused or neglected.  I had no sob story or occurance that made me sad.  Turns out I was just missing a chemical.  After working up the courage and getting medicine to help cope, life has gotten so much better for me.  My emotions don't control my life, I do, or at least the parts I can control.  Haha.  It has been about a year and a half, and I'm happy mentally.  Now my next goal is to be happy work-wise.  I work for a general contracting company.  It's a great job, great pay, but sitting at a computer all day, with barely any human interaction and no creativity involved, is not so great.  So by day, I work there, and by afternoon/evening/night I am pursing my art passion.  So here I am, expeirmenting and pushing my art.  Joined etsy, making a blog, only time with tell how it works out. 

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