Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Style Your Sole - TOMS

     On April 9 ,2011, I was invited to participate in a local TOMS Style Your Sole event. Pack & Paddle in Lafayette, Louisiana hosted the event and invited four local artists. I was one of the four artists there, and I had never painted on shoes.  We each had a table, and put examples of our art so people could look and see which artists they preferred.  I was the first to get asked to paint someone's shoes, which was super flattering and very nerve racking.  I didn't want to disappoint.  The shoe owners, were super cool and relax.  She sat next to me to watch me paint, and we talked about Pack & Paddle trips.  (They offer kayaking, hiking, etc trips).  I know I took forever, but in the end, I was very happy with the outcome, and so was she.  She immediately started to show hers off to the others who were debating which artist to choose.  After those, I took a deep breath, okay lets keep going. 
     I ended up having so many shoes to paint, I had to take them home to finish them all!  I painted a total 16 pair of shoes.  Pack & Paddle sold 60 pair of TOMS.  This is amazing.  If you don't know the story behind TOMS, check out their website For every pair of TOMS shoes you buy a pair is given to a child in need.  So this was a very successful, for their first ever Style Your Sole event in Lafayette, LA. 
      I absolutely loved it painting the shoes, and honored to participate in a good cause. Once it was over, I realized how much it changed my perspective about art.  I have always painting on flat canvas, so to go to a 3-D product was a huge change.  Now my mind set is, hmmmm what else can I paint on!  Since then I have started an Etsy shop ( and have had two orders.  As well as painting several for family and friends.  This experience changed so many things for me.  I realized how much I loved what I did that day, and how happy I was in my element.  Now I'm pushing ahead to see where I can go from here.

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sara said...

I absolutely love this idea and what a great opportunity! Toms shoes are awesome and painting 16 pairs of shoes must have taken you forever! The sunflowers on the shoes look great... I can't wait to see what else you paint on :)