Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Night

Wow I am so confused with the days!  I thought it was Thursday, then I was like wait no it's Wednesday, but Brandon doesn't have practice on those days.  Finally I gave up and checked my phone!  I have been so busy taking care of these pups.  Still worth it!  Seeing them revived and playing like healthy puppies should, is so rewarding.  Same friend who took Cooper, will take his dark brown brother (yet to be named).  So happy that the family will stay together.  I on the other hand, and seriously contemplating keeping the light brown.  Making him a permanent addition to my lil family circle.  We will see how that works out!

Soooo now, I'm sitting here literally waiting for paint to dry.  I just made a pair of earrings for a friend.  Here is my little work station I have going on.  Yesterday I did a major clean up, we have a dining table again!  Organized everything, got new plastic containers, it's wonderful.  So since I cleaned up & since I have puppies to watch out for, I have the minimal stuff layed out.

My mom gave me a bunch of old buttons, some of which had neat designs on them.  I stamped or used them as texture on some pendants, now to paint them!

Here are my friend's earrings, all ready for her ears!

 Here are some pendants I made and painted.

Few random thoughts:

I have a new custom TOMS order!  I'm very excited about these, such a fun idea.  I'm going to take process photos!

Going back  the "What Really Resonates With You?"  Blog.  I have just. started playing with polymer clay.  It is fun, but it's definitely not something that I want to devote tons of time to.  I like it, just not enough.  I think I'll continue to use it, I just know it isn't my main focus.

Though speaking of new things, I am going to be taking pottery classes for the month of July!  I am very excited, can't wait to start them!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Fuzzy lil Man

I thought I'd pay tribute to this special guy in my life.  He's my little kid, and I love him to death.  His name is Dexter!  I've had him for a year now, and I'm so happy to have him in my life.  Hahah just looking at these photos I remember all those days, and love him even more.  He's so funny, he's curious, has to know everything that's going on.  Dexter follows me everywhere, I don't mind!  He's so much fun to play with, and has so much personality.  He's exactly what I wanted in every way!  If your on my facebook, I'm always posting photos of him.  He is so popular he has a stalker! (lol Nes)  But she's harmless so it's okay.  Everyone loves him, and he's the cutest pup I know, I tell him everyday!  My adorable lil baby!

How he used to ride in the car lol, but now he's too big!

When he was younger :)

Relaxing after his first trail walk! And yes he did have a mohawk :)

He wanted to paint too, with this ear!
He lets me know when he wants to play.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Angel Paws Logo

With all the puppy saving madness I have managed to draw up a design for a local design competition.  The Iberia Humane Society has added a new building named the Angel Paws Adoption Center and the need a logo for it.  So here is my submission. 

Puppy Rescue Strikes Again!

Last thursday we rescused a little puppy. Well all I found was one. I had no flashlight and I didn't see any other movement under the shed. We took him in, cleaned him up and found him a wonderful loving home. His name is Cooper! This guy is super happy with his new mom! BUT I received a text yesterday afternoon, saying my brother heard another puppy. So my mother, along with Coopers new mom & friend, Roberta, came help me look for more pups. We ended up finding two more! Not as bad as Cooper was, but still in rough condition. Sadly we found two dead puppies and no sign of the mother. We took the other two home and cleaned them up!

Cooper at his new home!

Here are the puppies when we first found them, after we sprayed them down with flea killing spray.


We brought them to my moms, to get to work on saving these little guys!

Once the puppies were both washed and scrubbed with Dawn (to kill all the fleas). Roberta and I tackled this little guy, getting every little dead flea off of him.

Look how cute!

Finally done!  He's whooped.

He was finally done too! 
Now they are at my house, so I can give them some extra TLC, till I can find great homes for them!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Puppy Rescue Team

My Thursday, didn't go exactly how I thought it would.

Fun fact about our family.  We are ALWAYS rescuing animals and placing them in new loving homes. My parents two dogs are both rescues and my little sister has two rescue cats.   Yesterday when I was bringing the school desk to Adleigh, my sister-n-law mentioned that she thought a dog just had puppies under their shed.  She mentioned that they thought it was the back neighbors dog, but he doesn't take care of his animal.  Obviously, if it's getting pregnant and having babies in other peoples yards.  I wanted to go take a look so I called and whistled, but there was no response.  We couldn't find a flashlight, so I decided to take one more look.  To my surprise I saw a little puppy at the edge of the building.  I tried to creep close, but he went under.  Like guy was even growling at me! (it was cute)  He ended up going too far for me to grab, and there was too much stuff under the shed to crawl under.  He finally got close enough to where I could get him, although I did scare the poor guy.  I thought he was just filthy from being under a shed.  His face was caked with what I thought was dirt.  I immediately called my mom to tell her about the puppy I found.  I wasn't sure how old he was, but I knew if I left him he would die.  I washed his face all off, and soaked him repeatedly with Dawn soap (kills fleas instantly).  After about an hour my mother joined the fun, and took her turn washing him while I ran to the store for puppy food.  My mom also informed me that the matted mess on his face was flea eggs.  -cringe-  When I tell you that his poor little pup had a gazillion fleas on him, I am not exaggerating.  We must have washed for at least another hour, then we took him outside and starting picking all the dead and live fleas off him.  The last hour my sister even joined, the pup was so exhausted he just passed out.  So it was a minimum of 4-5 hours just to de-flea this little puppy.  After though, we were all so happy and he is so freaking adorable!    

He has teeth, which means he's actually like 6-8 weeks old.  He is going to be so small, he has little tiny feet.  Now he is safe in my home, I will take care of him till he is okay to be put in a loving home!

My mom just started washing him.

The other dogs checking out whats going on.

That plate is the last remaing fleas we took off him.

 Yay no more fleas, time to sleep!

School Desk Project

I was driving my normal route to work like I do every week, and I saw an old school desk on the side of the road.  From my car, it looked like it was in really good shape, so I stopped to check it out.  It was in great shape, it had the old desk top where it was made with layers of wood.  The layers were slighting coming apart, but nothing wood glue and clamps couldn't fix.   I wasn't sure at first what I was going to do with it.  I just knew I found a new project to work on.  Eventually, I thought my little niece Adleigh could put a desk like this to good use.  I asked my sister-n-law first, since it is a piece of furniture.  She agreed, said she wanted to get Adleigh a desk to read at. 

Here is it's original state, I started taping it to be painted.
 In the process & me having a water break.  It is Louisiana, it was hot!

 While the paint was drying, I glued one side of the desk top and used every clamp I could find.

Once I sprayed a second coat, and removed the tape.

I then took the desk inside, where it's nice and cool, so that I could begin painting scenes on the desk.  I wasn't sure what I was going to paint on it at first.  I wanted it to be able to be passed down to her future sister, Liahna, who will be joining the world soon.  And once the kids grew out of it, it could be passed on to another kid, boy or girl. 

I decided on a Sea scene on front, and a safari scene on the back.

Dexter says play with me!

In the mean time, I glued the other ends of the desk top. Once all the ends were glued, I did an initial sand.  I used wood filler for a few spots, and then began the sanding to a finer sand paper.  I stained it, and will seal with it deft satin.

Took several days off, because I need to work in a shop without a/c.  Did I mention I'm from South Louisiana?  Yep waaayyy too hot out there.  Though we finally got some rain and it made it bearable, so I got back to it! So I glued and clamped down the seat. 

I left this to dry and painted on the top of the desk and applied several coats of Deft Satin Wood Finish on the top.  I decided to keep the seat part wood.  Since it will be for little kids, they will probably climb in and out a lot and probably scratch the seat.  Wear would be more obvious on a painted seat than one that is stained and sealed. 
(Taken with fluorescent so the woods look like they don't match, when they actually do.)

Left the desk in the shop overnight to let it do it's thing. Next day I took it home to paint more on it.

This is the back.
This is the front.
I was starting to paint the back ground. but then I thought it looks so cool like that.  Now it's basically all finished and now just needs to have a finished coat over everything. I started with the seat.
While all that's going on, I'm continuing to spray multiple layers of the wood finish on the desk top as well as the seat.

After I sprayed that, I bought a finish for all the metal and painted parts. 



It was so cute watching her climb on it.  Climb off, go get her book, climb on, climb off, go get another book, climb on.  She was adorable!


This project was so much fun, it took a while, but I learned a lot in the process!