Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bracelet Action

Just added these three bracelets to my etsy shop!
Anchor Bracelet

Doodle Bracelet

Octopus Bracelet

 Here is a sneak peak at more fun bracelets I have drawn, which will be painted and listed as well!


sara said...

oooh! I love them! You should totally try to sell them locally in a shop.... there is a fun neighborhood in OKC full of locally owned shops that feature local artists and there are bracelets similar to these, but yours are much prettier :)

Kelli said...

Thanks! :D
I am not sure we have any cool shops like that. I know of one near by, but they want you to pay for space and collect 25% commission(no thanks). I've even considered opening a shop like that, the art scene needs to spread here. I will have to check around and see if there are some cool shops that are hiding from me!