Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Puppy Rescue Strikes Again!

Last thursday we rescused a little puppy. Well all I found was one. I had no flashlight and I didn't see any other movement under the shed. We took him in, cleaned him up and found him a wonderful loving home. His name is Cooper! This guy is super happy with his new mom! BUT I received a text yesterday afternoon, saying my brother heard another puppy. So my mother, along with Coopers new mom & friend, Roberta, came help me look for more pups. We ended up finding two more! Not as bad as Cooper was, but still in rough condition. Sadly we found two dead puppies and no sign of the mother. We took the other two home and cleaned them up!

Cooper at his new home!

Here are the puppies when we first found them, after we sprayed them down with flea killing spray.


We brought them to my moms, to get to work on saving these little guys!

Once the puppies were both washed and scrubbed with Dawn (to kill all the fleas). Roberta and I tackled this little guy, getting every little dead flea off of him.

Look how cute!

Finally done!  He's whooped.

He was finally done too! 
Now they are at my house, so I can give them some extra TLC, till I can find great homes for them!

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