Friday, June 17, 2011

Puppy Rescue Team

My Thursday, didn't go exactly how I thought it would.

Fun fact about our family.  We are ALWAYS rescuing animals and placing them in new loving homes. My parents two dogs are both rescues and my little sister has two rescue cats.   Yesterday when I was bringing the school desk to Adleigh, my sister-n-law mentioned that she thought a dog just had puppies under their shed.  She mentioned that they thought it was the back neighbors dog, but he doesn't take care of his animal.  Obviously, if it's getting pregnant and having babies in other peoples yards.  I wanted to go take a look so I called and whistled, but there was no response.  We couldn't find a flashlight, so I decided to take one more look.  To my surprise I saw a little puppy at the edge of the building.  I tried to creep close, but he went under.  Like guy was even growling at me! (it was cute)  He ended up going too far for me to grab, and there was too much stuff under the shed to crawl under.  He finally got close enough to where I could get him, although I did scare the poor guy.  I thought he was just filthy from being under a shed.  His face was caked with what I thought was dirt.  I immediately called my mom to tell her about the puppy I found.  I wasn't sure how old he was, but I knew if I left him he would die.  I washed his face all off, and soaked him repeatedly with Dawn soap (kills fleas instantly).  After about an hour my mother joined the fun, and took her turn washing him while I ran to the store for puppy food.  My mom also informed me that the matted mess on his face was flea eggs.  -cringe-  When I tell you that his poor little pup had a gazillion fleas on him, I am not exaggerating.  We must have washed for at least another hour, then we took him outside and starting picking all the dead and live fleas off him.  The last hour my sister even joined, the pup was so exhausted he just passed out.  So it was a minimum of 4-5 hours just to de-flea this little puppy.  After though, we were all so happy and he is so freaking adorable!    

He has teeth, which means he's actually like 6-8 weeks old.  He is going to be so small, he has little tiny feet.  Now he is safe in my home, I will take care of him till he is okay to be put in a loving home!

My mom just started washing him.

The other dogs checking out whats going on.

That plate is the last remaing fleas we took off him.

 Yay no more fleas, time to sleep!

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