Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Night

Wow I am so confused with the days!  I thought it was Thursday, then I was like wait no it's Wednesday, but Brandon doesn't have practice on those days.  Finally I gave up and checked my phone!  I have been so busy taking care of these pups.  Still worth it!  Seeing them revived and playing like healthy puppies should, is so rewarding.  Same friend who took Cooper, will take his dark brown brother (yet to be named).  So happy that the family will stay together.  I on the other hand, and seriously contemplating keeping the light brown.  Making him a permanent addition to my lil family circle.  We will see how that works out!

Soooo now, I'm sitting here literally waiting for paint to dry.  I just made a pair of earrings for a friend.  Here is my little work station I have going on.  Yesterday I did a major clean up, we have a dining table again!  Organized everything, got new plastic containers, it's wonderful.  So since I cleaned up & since I have puppies to watch out for, I have the minimal stuff layed out.

My mom gave me a bunch of old buttons, some of which had neat designs on them.  I stamped or used them as texture on some pendants, now to paint them!

Here are my friend's earrings, all ready for her ears!

 Here are some pendants I made and painted.

Few random thoughts:

I have a new custom TOMS order!  I'm very excited about these, such a fun idea.  I'm going to take process photos!

Going back  the "What Really Resonates With You?"  Blog.  I have just. started playing with polymer clay.  It is fun, but it's definitely not something that I want to devote tons of time to.  I like it, just not enough.  I think I'll continue to use it, I just know it isn't my main focus.

Though speaking of new things, I am going to be taking pottery classes for the month of July!  I am very excited, can't wait to start them!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Tuesday!

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sara said...

I hate not knowing what day it is... lol... and I seem to never know anymore!
I don't think I could resist that adorable little puppy... I end up keeping everything :)
The jewelry looks great and you'll have to let us know how the pottery class goes! I haven't made any in a long long time!
Is tomorrow thursday or friday? :)