Friday, June 10, 2011

What Really Resonates With you?

I was reading from the Etsy Success Reading list and found this quote.  This quote and paragraph is where I am at right now.

"As a creative you can do so many things, and do them well, but – what really resonates with you – that’s what you need to find.” – Lisa Lehmann
To me this means, find what you like to do – of course – but don’t do everything you like to do. Do what you feel really, super passionate about. Do the thing that makes you oh-so-happy. Just because you are good at a bunch of stuff, doesn’t mean you need to do it all nor should you. You’re probably better off, businesswise, pursuing only the things that truly get your wheels turning. You might be taking time away from your true calling by doing something else that you are good at but don’t truly enjoy doing. Think about it.


I feel like this has been my blessing and curse! I love creating so many different types of art. I enjoy learning new things it's fun, but when it comes down to picking, that's a different story. The only thing I can honestly say makes me oh-so-happy, is black and white photography. I am so happy being in a dark room, I loose track of time, and myself in my work. I love painting, thought typically I've always done it as a type of therapy for myself. I do love customizing things for people. Putting someone's personality through my art is so exciting. Usually I can't put it down until I am finished.

I thought I could do a bunch of things, but now maybe it's too much.  I'm trying not to pressure myself into picking those main things.  Hopefully, on my journey of exploring, it will come to me! 

Do any other artist else have or had this going on with them?

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Cindy S Martin said...

Quite honestly Kelli, this is the story of my life as I am sure countless others...

Reading my Etsy bio and viewing my other sites mirror the story you've described, detailing a variety of passions being pursued.

Although, what's not shown in my bio is the fact that I've spent many long hours in the IT industry. Working in some fashion (w/ the exception of a few yrs) since the mid 90's, either by scripting, production art, developing creatives, or data and site management, some SEO, etc... Something I've become very good at and that has only barely sustained me financially.

IT work is something that was a necessity for me but never quite fulfilled the need I have to "make a difference" ...not to mention the obvious negative toll that setting behind a desk for countless hours has.

Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful I had the foresight to develop my skills in IT, but I feel I have much more to offer and express .

I am also self taught in all that I do, which in my IT experience so far translates to overworked, underpaid, and/or unappreciated for the most part.

So, lately I've spent my time positioning myself to make a positive and meaningful transition. A transition to include more Art by painting is key to my happiness.

I'm fulfilling my need to "make a difference" by donating some of my proceeds to charity. Hence the "Create to Earn to Give" initiative.

Then there is my need to also contribute by fostering creative innovation, by bringing to light a series of potentially viable alternative energy solutions. Hopefully by recognition, this pursuit will result in a much needed pay check in the near future that will allow me to contribute with a select team in the creation of an undeveloped and related B2B resource.

These are my passions and all worthwhile endeavors.

Though, without insured and adequate living expenses, will I be forced to abandon my dreams to pay my bills leaving me with no additional time to use effectively? This question has left me boldly faced with the reality that you are facing now.

I guess all I can surmise is that we all as creative individuals have dreams ...mine are not yet lost. And so, my journey continues.

I so appreciate your post. It has helped me by giving me pause for a clearer view of my own reality.

Thanks Kelli, Do what YOU love!
I'm left optimistic, as usual!

CinMartin at

sara said...

I love reading the Etsy Success Reading list, too :)

I think I have the same problem... I have too many interests and I can't properly focus on just one so I never finish most of them. It's difficult to chose just one thing though... and lately the one thing I've been choosing is homework. My creative self isn't a fan of my academic self!

Kelli said...

Thanks for both of you for sharing. I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

I understand bills befor art, though it makes me so angry that it's to difficult just to live. I sincerely hope everything works out for you Cindy and that eventually all your goals happen!

Cindy S Martin said...

I am optimistic by nature and am sure (with continued effort) at least a few doors will open where they have been closed to me in the past.

The main thing I, and others need to avoid is under valuing each others worth.

When you undervalue your own worth, you open the door for others to undervalue it as well.

Wish I had understood that long ago.

That being said, I'm ready for a positive change and I see good things happening every day. :)