Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kelcey's TOMS

Just finished Kelcey's TOMS.  These were so much fun!

I always research what I am painting, learn more about it.  Starfish are actually pretty amazing if you read up on them.  I was looking at starfish and the life of a starfish looks like a lazy one lol. I'm pretty sure living underwater would make me so relaxed I'd look like this too.

More Photos!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peek It

Peek at upcoming projects!

Just received Kelcey's TOMS in yesterday, here is a peliminary design.  Some things have been changed, but everyone will have to wait to see the final product to know what they are!

Painting a larger version of the Swirl design!

As well as a bracelet with purple orchids, and another pair of TOMS with a nautical theme!

Busy busy, and loving it!
Also once I have some time to play on the computer, I want to make a new header for my blog.  This one is just the generic that came with the blog design.  I'd like to personalize it a bit more.  I will also be revamping my Etsy Shop, I am thinking of making it solely for TOMS. 

AND very excited to be one of the artists for the second Style your Sole at Pack & Paddle in Lafayette on November 12th!
Etsy Finds

Seems like everyone has that one thing they love to buy. For me, Jackets are my weakness! I suppose it just happened since I'm always cold and I really dislike being cold. So it totally makes sense for me to collect jackets and I LOVE this jacket. I would totally rock this!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Lady Luck's Custom TOMS shoes

Progression of Monica aka Lady Luck's TOMS.

Her my boyfriend gave her the nickname, "Lady Luck," he says she is his luck.  Aren't all we ladies?   They have been a couple since they were 14, so it has been 8 years.  I think this is amazing, especially since none of my relationships haven't lasted more than a year each (don't judge me!).  But really, I do love to here stories like this, it's like best friends found one another. 

She requested bright happy colors.  Lady (right shoe) will represent Monica with flowers, crown, hearts, shopping, & school.  Luck (left shoe) will represent him music, rock, party, & poker.

Here are my rough sketches.

Yay received Monica's TOMS in the mail today!  Time to get started!

I break out my sketches, get my pencil and pen and get drawing.

Left side Right Shoe

Sooooo I ended up forgeting to catch all of the process of the right shoe, but here are final photos!

Check out more process & final photos!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hattiesburg Weekend

It was a good weekend for Louisiana Roller Derby. It was a double header derby bout. Acadiana Roller Girls vs Hattiesburg Hooligans, final score 247-76 and Redstick Roller Derby vs Southern Misfits, can't remember their score, but they whooped some butt. It was two great bouts.

Before the bouts, Brandon and I drove through the town to see what Hattiesburg had to offer.  Turns out, not too much,  on Saturdays majority of their downtown shuts down.  We did end up going to Sack's Outdoor Store, it's old store that's been around for some time.  They ended up have little to no women's apparrel but an AMAZING selection of Vibrams and TOMS.  Brandon even found a pair he liked!  Of course I bought a new pair for myself as well!

Sunday we woke up early so that we could get home early and relax before the work week started.  We stopped in Baton Rouge to eat at P.F. Chang's.  It was Brandon's first time eating there, and it was delicious!  I also enjoyed my fortune cookie at the end of my meal!

I was soooooo happy to get home and see my pups, I missed them so much.  Bonus to coming home, my new cd's came in.

Now Brandon is passed out, and I am working on Lady Luck's TOMS.  Happy to be home with all my loved ones.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Yay for Friday

I snapped a couple photos of my first pottery creation!  It hasen't been fired yet.  I think it looks like a witch's caldron.  Last night's class was wonderful yet again!  I am making a jewelry box type thing.  It is challenging and fun!  I'll take photos once its more put together. 

Our new sofa!  It's very comfy! 

It's been very rainy here lately, raining just about everyday, at least one shower a day.  I like the cooler weather, but I miss the sun!  So I made a bright treasury this morning!

Also happy today is friday, because Brandon and I are going with the Acadiana Roller Girls to Hattiesburg, MS.  I've been wanting to go to a new city, just to see a new place.  Hopefully it doesn't rain there and spoil my plans to walk downtown!

'Orange you Glad it's Friday!' by KellismCo

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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Orange Dragonscale ...


Whale Tissue Holder...


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.