Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Peek It

Peek at upcoming projects!

Just received Kelcey's TOMS in yesterday, here is a peliminary design.  Some things have been changed, but everyone will have to wait to see the final product to know what they are!

Painting a larger version of the Swirl design!

As well as a bracelet with purple orchids, and another pair of TOMS with a nautical theme!

Busy busy, and loving it!
Also once I have some time to play on the computer, I want to make a new header for my blog.  This one is just the generic that came with the blog design.  I'd like to personalize it a bit more.  I will also be revamping my Etsy Shop, I am thinking of making it solely for TOMS. 

AND very excited to be one of the artists for the second Style your Sole at Pack & Paddle in Lafayette on November 12th!
Etsy Finds

Seems like everyone has that one thing they love to buy. For me, Jackets are my weakness! I suppose it just happened since I'm always cold and I really dislike being cold. So it totally makes sense for me to collect jackets and I LOVE this jacket. I would totally rock this!

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