Friday, August 19, 2011

Pottery Class Fun

For pottery class, I have been working on a jewelry box type project.  I am very happy with it, I can't wait for it to be fired, so I can glaze it! 

Last night I started a new project!  A figure in the meditation pose, just did the torso and thighs, but lots of fun so far!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Peacock Feather TOMS

Here are some new fun Peacock Swirly TOMS I just finished painting for Tasha!  They were lots of fun!  And she loves them, which is the best part!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sketchity Sketch

A little thing I did while at Soul night this past week and painted at home afterwards.

Monday, August 15, 2011

On This End

Firstly, TOMS asked if they could feature a pair of my TOMS on their arts & crafts blog!  Heck yes you can! Very excited, will post the link once it's up. 

I mentioned I started a pottery class last month.  I finally got back my first piece!  I am very happy with it.  It's so much fun.  I just finished working on a jewelry box last week and I am super excited to start painting it and finish it up! 

Worked on some more Cherry Blossom TOMS! 

Recently I finished some TOMS for a wedding, but since the wedding isn't till August 27th, I feel I should wait to post the photos out of respect for the Bride-to-be!  

I decided I have a perfect spot in my apartment for a Motorola Record Console my Grandmother gave me.  Unforunately, the record player isn't working, so I dropped it off yesterday for a free estimate.  I hoped it will be super easy and cheap to fix!  Although I wasn't so lucky.  The pieces are unavailable, but he said I could buy a new one and have it set inside it, since the radio and speakers work.  So I may just do that.  This isn't the one I have, but it's pretty much exactly the same.  Love it!
Then I must start the journey of finding tons of great records!

More TOMS to come!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kelcey's Painting & Annie's Bracelet

Along with buying TOMS, Kelcey also wanted my a print of my Swirl Painting.  She wanted it much larger than the original as well as printed on canvas.  Printing on canvas is soooo expensive, it was really surprising how much people wanted just to stretch the canvas.  I felt that doing a recreation would be the better route. 

So this is me, in my living room on the floor.  In the past I've set up extra bedrooms as my studio, but I would never work in there.  I would drag everything I needed and go in the living room.  I think I just rather the open space, than a small confined room.  The only reason I'm not right in the middle, is out of respect of my boyfriend living with me.  I do tend to take over the living room and spread everything I need around me.  So I've tried to limit my space a bit, so he isn't dodging stepping on my paints!  I've always much rathered work sitting on the floor.  Maybe because the floor becomes my desk, haha I don't know.  I just know I've been doing it like this since I was little.  Plus my pups usually like to stay near, I like to have them cuddle on me while I work! 

Using my original painting as a reference.  While I was working Dexter decided I must have not been paying enough attention to me.  He had me laughing so much and aweing and rushing to grab my phone because he was so cute, I didn't want to miss this photo op. 

Dexter says Peek a Boo!

By the end of this night, Dexter managed to bump into the painting.  It is oil, so he will have teal green spots on him for a little while.  Olive also decided she wanted to be involved in the painting process.  So she decided to LICK my painting!  I was like Noooooo!  Mainly because I know that can't be good for a dog, or anyone to digest.  Then she licked her nose and the whole thing was bright blue.  Brandon and I were busting out laughing, as Brandon grabbed and rushed her to the bathroom to rise her mouth.  I have some silly puppies, they are just like having kids!  

Here is the final painting after its been painted, let to dry for many days, and sealed.  It's outside so I could seal it!  Now it's time for me to pack it up and send on to it's new owner.  I hope she loves it!

In the meantime, while the painting was drying some.  I started my next project.  Annie with Waterpath Designs asked for a custom bracelet with purple orchards on it.  Waterpath Designs, consists of a Mother & Daughter team.  They were one of the first people I spoke with when I was new on Etsy.  They are so kind and helpful!  I asked tons of questions, and they offered their knowledge and advice they had.  I appreciated it so much.  I definitely don't take that kindness for granted!  So I am more than happy to do a project for them.  

So if you like Bridesmaid's gifts, clutches, bags and cases--all designed and handmade of the best quality, check out their Etsy Shop!  You won't be disappointed!

Here is Annie's bracelet, just started sketching the orchids on it. 
Here is the final bracelet.  I hope Annie loves it!