Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hiking to Making of Terrariums

    Several weekends ago, we had amazing weather.  I knew I HAD to go hiking.  My friend Rachel ended up being up for it and we made plans to go hike up in Tunica Hills in MS right about St. Francisville, LA.  I had hiked there once before with another friend and loved it. So I woke up early Sunday morning...which is really only like 7:30-8am.  (Hey it's my weekends, I like to sleep till at least 9am!) 
My "I'm really exhausted, yet super excited to go hiking with Rachel" face.  

It was THE perfect day to go hiking.

Pretty much as soon as we walked for 10 minutes we realized, we had too many layers on and had to stop and remove some.

At one of the waterfall's, the water was freezing!  Although the cold did cool the area so it was a great stopping point for a little food. 

Saw this little guy chilling in the water.  Rachel attempted to pick it up but it scurried under a rock and wouldn't come out of hiding.

I have no idea how high this was, but this is me half way and Rachel starting to climb.  It was definitely a work out!  

It was an amazing day for hiking, and had a great hiking partner.  Had so much fun, and ended up being store the whole week, so worth it!

Making of Terrariums

So to transition to marking of Terrariums.  Rachel found a good type of moss that she wanted to add to her current one.   I mentioned I had always loved the look of Plant Terrariums and would like one of my own.  Well just so happen that Rachel graduated in Horticulture, so she knows her stuff.  Who better to make one with than her!  So we made a trip to Hobby Lobby and picked out our containers for are new terrariums.  Since she already had one made that was becoming overgrown, we took some of those and divided them amongst the containers.   
 Rachel putting soil into her container.

 The containers I chose.

 My new terrariums!

Rachel's newest terrarium.

I ended up on another hike at Lake Fausse Point State Park, and picked up this cool type of moss on the trail. 

I picked up two different types of moss at the state park to put in both of them.  So for now, one of the original plants Rachel gave me, in one of them died.  We are thinking they need more sun so I moved them closer to the window now.  Hopefully they will do well now.

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