Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Happenings

I have been so busy with custom TOMS lately, that I have decided I need a break.  Having a day job and then working all through the night and on weekends, takes a toll.  I am happy to say I only have 2 pair of TOMS to paint and my "vacation" will begin.  Then I fully expect to hang out with friends daily and have lots of good times outside of my apartment. 

Although this break is only from custom work.   That won't stop me from carving new linocuts and working on my new bracelet collection that will be showing up very soon.  I am very excited to have more time to work on these.  Also get my butt in shape!  I have a 5k in November, and I need to get to walking/jogging/running by then.  So time to put on my sneakers and work on getting back in shape. 

Another fun thing going on!  I have decided to revamp my website, business cards, etc.  Fresh new look.  Photos to come.

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