Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Reaux Photo

A while back, I stumbled upon Laura Reaux's photography.  She made a new fan that day.  I love her work, and her style.  She has the type of photography I enjoy, natural posing while using available light to show its potiential.  Seriously, she's got skills. 

I say she, but in fact, it is now THEY.  Recently, she joined forces with her husband, Jeremy, and became Reaux Photo.  They are a super cool young fun couple with lots of talent.  I'd definitely hire them to photograph do my wedding day in a heart beat.  Maybe one day ;)

So last month, I asked Laura if she would go for a trade, and to my luck, she was totally game.  Traded photography for custom painted TOMS.  She decided she wanted feathers incorporated, but besides that gave me free range to paint as I pleased.

Here are the shoes I painted for her.

I had the pleasure of meeting both of them, along with their adorable twins at the shoot.  Laura is so easy going and sweet.  So comfortable to be around, and at the same time kind of silly (in a best of ways).  She made me laugh and I had a great time.

Here are some photos from the shoot.

I am so happy with how they came out!  Now I just need to update my profile photos, and bio's on....everything!

So go check out their work, Reaux Photo.  They have a Facebook, stop by and say Hi!

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