Monday, June 18, 2012

Wish Bracelets

I am excited to share my newest product, Wish Bracelets, now available on Etsy.

Wish Bracelets Meaning

These bracelets were inspired by the Brazilian Wish Bracelets tradition.  The way it works is you tie 3 knots and for each knot you make a wish.  It is believed once the bracelet falls off your wishes have come true.  I think we could all use a few wishes!

These bracelets are more than just about the wishes, for me, these bracelets also symbolize hope and faith.  They serve as a reminder.  Sometimes in this fast-paced world, I forget what’s important and what really matters.  These bracelets remind me what’s significant in my life.  Who’s important in my life, to be mindful of my actions, and goals I aspire to achieve.  The bracelets serve to keep me grounded and focused. 

So whether you need a few wishes, or just need a reminder of what’s important.  These bracelets will bring you hope.

Color Meaning

Purple - Spirituality
Blue - Health, Comfort, Well-being, Fertility
Light Blue - Love & Peace
Dark Green - Money & Growth
Light Green - Life & Renewal
Yellow - Success & Intelligence
Orange - Joy, Bravery, Stamina
Red - Strength & Passion
Pink - Friendship & Companionship
Gray - Patience & Understanding
White - Wisdom & Inner Peace

My Wish Bracelets

I personally have two right now, one says "Love" on my ankle and the other says "Be Mindful" on my wrist. Love to express my love for my family, friends, what I am doing, etc. Be mindful is my reminder every time I look at my wrist that I need to be mindful with my words, actions, thinking, and more. These two notions are very important to my life. I want these words to be what guides my actions everyday.

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