Monday, July 2, 2012

Coffee Date 2 - Sarah Hennessey

Coffee Date 2
 for the 30 Coffee Dates with 30 People Project


Sarah Hennessey - Sometimes I Swirl

 I originally found Sarah's Etsy shop while browsing and have also seen her work featured on the front page many times.  One of my friends also owns a piece of her work. I love her swirly style and unique version of flower designs.  It also makes me smile to see our similar love for our pets, she has two adorable cats, Lily and Conn!

Some of her wonderful work!

This was my first online 'coffee' meetings and a first for both of us.

Initially, I assumed, (because I think her work is so awesome), she would want to go full time with her art.  Turns out, she's happy with it being a side gig for now.  She likes the freedom to take breaks from her work, and not constantly have to produce.  As well as to avoid burnouts, which I totally understand.  As a fellow Etsy shop owner, it's always awesome sharing stories, they just get it.  We discussed customer stories, sales, blogs, and how we shared how we started up. 

She's done art all her life.  One question I was really interested in was if she had been developing her style.  She said it just comes to her naturally.  That is how she has always drawn or doodled in notebooks.  Then in high school she discovered Henna designs, and it all connected.  I feel like I have been hearing this a lot, the best work just comes from the heart.  Seems to be working for Sarah!

We talked about my work, and my past of cross-stitching.  She mentioned that she'd been asked multiple times for patterns, and that I should try that with my linocuts.  My mother had mentioned a while back about making my own patterns, but I had long forgotten about it.  I think this is an interesting idea that I plan to explore and see what comes of it.

Sarah is super sweet and super talented. She seems like a great person to brainstorm with, someone you can just bounce ideas back and forth with.  It was a great conversation.  I plan to stay in touch as well as continue to watch her artwork/etsy shop grow.  

I also plan to add a piece of her artwork to my collect, but which one? (I like so many!)

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Sarah said...

Thank you thank you thank you Kelli!! Not that I thought the chat would be boring or anything, but I ended up having so much fun. It was indeed nice to talk with someone else who just gets it. I'll also continue to keep an eye on your work and I hope to see some awesome sewing projects in your future. Hey, could you cross-stitch onto the Toms, too?? Hmmm, might be tricky with knots on the inside of the shoe, but I'm sure if there's a way, you can figure it out. :)

You are too