Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Coffee Date 3 - Chris Culotta

Coffee Date 3
 for the 30 Coffee Dates with 30 People Project


    Chris 'Bird' Culotta - HeartThrob Skateboards


Originally, I met Chris Bird at a roller derby bout.  (Yes, I played roller derby).   He was the announcer and in my opinion an awesome fun one!  So I went find out who this cat was with the intent to request his announcing skills for our local derby bouts.  Fast forward a couple years later and we meet again.

Chris owns a skateboard company, HeartThrob Skateboards, in Baton Rouge, LA, as of the last 4 years with plans to slowly take over the world.  I approve.  You can also catch him DJin as well! 

A reoccurring statement I get from small business owners is how you have to work your butt off.  How even though they may work harder, but they are enjoying life way more than they ever did at their typical 8-5 job.  How in the beginning there may (will) be need for lots of sacrifice, but the gratification from creating a business that your passionate about is completely worth it. 

Another thing I admire is local businesses who keep it local.  His boards are made in the USA, and he has a local graphic designer to help make his designs/ideas become reality.  You can't compete with the quality and service you get from local businesses.  As well as the satisfaction that you are helping your community grow and become richer.

We also discussed the type of people we choose to surround ourselves with.  He makes it a point to keep a positive circle of friends around him.  I totally agree with this way of living and apply it to my life as well.  No drama, amen!

 Oh yes, AND bonus!  I had the chance to meet this cute furry guy, also known as Gagutsa. 

Check out his boards, (Chris' not Gagutsa's - though really, he's probably the master mind behind it all)  and tell him Hi!

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