Monday, July 16, 2012

Dreamcatcher of the Sun

Just finished my first dream catcher.   I also like the idea of it being called a sun catcher or light catcher.  

This embroidery hoop was intended to be used like the last few paintings I've done.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) the outter hoop broke.  I didn't want to throw the inner hoop, it was in good shape and to do so seemed like a waste.  So I randomly decided to make a dream catcher of the sorts!  Maybe it wasn't so random, I did just paint a dream catcher on a pair of TOMS.  

So I took a scrap piece of canvas I had lying around and painted that. I wanted something bright and happy.  Then took thread to string it all the way around to keep it stretched.  Threading the canvas to keep it stretched was the most difficult part, my hands were cramping from trying to keep it tight.  I embellished it with thread for the rays of the sun.  Hung the feathers, then wrapped the hoop with ribbon.  I originally wrapped the hoop first, but I changed my mind on the color last minute.

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