Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Everyone has them, and I want to know them.

This is partly why I started the coffee dates.   How did this person get where they are at, and make the decision to own/run the business they have?  All of it fascinates me.

With that said, I have been a vacuum of information late.

When I read an article online that I enjoy, the very next thing I do is search for the bio.  Who is this person?  Where are they from?  How much of their story will they share in their bio?   I wonder if they have any interviews? Give me your life story and give it to me now!

I've heard stories where they just fell into this and that and it lead to this and that.  How they lost their job and they really wanted to do something they love, so they made it happen.  How specific events created these new trails for these people to go down.  Just thinking of this makes me so excited at all the other coffee meetings I will have.

Want to tell me your story?  I will listen.

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