Friday, August 3, 2012

Coffee Date 4 - Silvia Bertolazzi

Coffee Date 4
 for the 30 Coffee Dates with 30 People Project


    Silvia Bertolazzi - Carpe Diem Gelato

Carpe Diem - Gelato & Expresso Bar is amazing.  Locals, if you haven't tried it, you are truly missing out on something fantastic.  Leave your house or work and go get some gelato, STAT!

For this meeting, I was enjoying the Blueberry Tea.   Deeeeeelicious!  Not only is the product wonderful, but it's the atmosphere.  Silvia has put together a team of fun, hip, super nice workers, which she calls her family.   They create a pleasant environment that makes you want to go back again and again.   A simple Italian-infused, cozy place that after a while, feels like a home away from home.

I wonder how many more adjectives I can include in this one writing to express how much I love this place?

Seriously, amazing team, amazing product, amazing atmosphere!  Now, I can officially say that Silvia is just as amazing.  Silvia radiates life and positivity.  She believes in the words Carpe Diem! - "Seize the Day."  She lives for her passion and you can tell she loves what she is doing.   She is one of those people who "fill your bucket."  (Reference to How Full is your Bucket by Tom Rath - great book.)  By that I mean, she leaves you feeling wonderful, rejuvenated, and inspired.  I try and make a point to surround myself with these types of people, they are positive, uplifting, and usually overall great people.

I asked if she had any advice to give to me about pursuing my business adventures.  She encouraged me to follow my heart and my passion.  Ignore nay-sayers and pursue your dreams. Your heart will lead you on the right track.  Jump and take risks, if your passionate about what your going after, it will work out.  Silvia mentioned that it was also a mindset.  Instead of saying "I hope this happens," say "this will happen."  I agree, I've started to really push myself towards the positive mindset, but I still think there is room for improvement.  She also recommended the book "The Secret," which I instantly added to my must-read list.  Sooner than later. (I literally stopped writing to add it to my Amazon cart and ordered it.)

Something I learned while meeting with Silvia is that she actually has a business partner, Erik Graveson.  I have been hanging out with a friend lately, who is all for collaboration.  The more I think about it, and learn about it, the more I think I would really enjoy collaborating with someone.  I reminisce on college days, we all had our studio desks and could easily walk to each other, share our ideas, and get feedback (something I miss terribly).  Someone to have bounce ideas off of, helping out, and the support of not being in it alone.  I can see a partner being extremely beneficial.  She said you must trust that person, because making a business together is like a baby.  It needs a lot of attention and commitment from both parties.

Overall fantastic meeting!  She's given me more motivation, a brighter outlook, and inspired me to continue to pursue my passion.  She's a wonderful person, and I'm so happy I had the pleasure of meeting with her.  Now go get some gelato!

To learn more about Silvia, check out this amazing video of The Passion Series. It's truly beautiful.

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