Friday, August 10, 2012

Coffee Date 5 - Thomas Peters

Coffee Date 5


    Thomas Peters - The Lab

I find that one of the most difficult aspects of owning your own business is picking out the name.  How do I encompass everything about this business in just a few words!  Well Thomas and Pam Peters hit the nail on the head.

The Lab
Handcrafted Coffee & Comforts
Taste and Engage.  

It matches their place perfectly.  The Lab - Thomas says he is constantly experimenting.  How fun is that?  When you go, you can always expect new flavors of the Cold Sweet Cream.  For those that have never been, Cold Sweet Cream is it kind of a blend of gelato/ice cream and it is amazing.  They have a wonderful atmosphere.  I love the open windows constantly letting in daylight and the assortment of different seating options.  It's a beautiful open space, that is very inviting and comfortable.

For this meeting I went there and had a Green Tea and a croissant.  Both were delightful.  I made a point to tell Thomas that I had been to Paris for a Study Abroad program and I had croissants there everyday.  These taste identical to those, I literally felt like I was back in Paris for a moment.  Now my mouth is watering and I'm hungry for one.  

One aspect of this business that I found interesting is that it's a Husband & Wife company.  I've always love hearing about couple-owned businesses.  Really, I'd love to be a fly on the wall for a while and see how couples manage a business and personal life.  Thomas says they have a great relationship and are able to use each other strengths to work as a unit.  He said you also need to remember when you walk in the door (of your home), that you need to drop what's happening at work.

I questioned his response towards naysayers.  Instead of ignoring them, he always wants to hear them out.  If they think his place won't succeed, then he wants to know why not.  I think that's awesome.  Though for myself, if it's not constructive, I have a hard time listening.  Although I mentioned doing my art full-time and someone said "oh, so you can be poor the rest of your life."  A stigma that really erks me.  The comment annoyed me, but at the same time I wanted to question why.   At that moment, I was too busy to get into it, but I will find out later.

I asked if he keeps a positive group of people surrounding him.  Instead of saying positive people, he said he likes to have well-balanced people in his life.  Since no one is truly positive 24-7.  We are all human, and all have stuff going on in our lives.  I was kind of blown away by this comment.  So simple, but yet it did.  I realized this much more realistic and more of what I want in my life.  So instead of me saying I want positive people in my life, I want well-balanced people.

So happy I had the pleasure of sitting down with Thomas.  He is a cool, laid-back guy, that is really easy to hang out and chat with.  He's always at the coffee shop so stop by and get something tasty and say hello.

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They are always posting photos that make me want to go!

The Lab
  • 1042 Camellia Blvd No. 6
  • Lafayette, Louisiana 70508  
  • 1 (337) 889-5782

Mon - Thu:7:00 am-9:00 pm
Fri:7:00 am-10:00 pm
Sat:9:00 am-9:00 pm


Amy said... this installment of your blog! So cool to hear about people who are doing what they want and loving it! Thanks!

Harish Srinivasan said...

Kelli.. as you said there are always more naysayers than leaders or influences.. You did rightly put.. you need balanced set of people.. else...

Always listen to NO.. there is where you get more ideas and also there is where your ideas gets refine :)

So NO is good..

One more point, POOR is not what others define you.. its what you define yourself... If you do not have self contention at certain point, then you are poorer than a poor despite of what you have..

Chase your dreams..
Good Luck.