Friday, August 31, 2012

Coffee Date 6 - Leon Khameson

Coffee Date 6

Leon Khameson

This was a turn in coffee dates, so far I have only met with small business owners.  Leon doesn't own a small business, but after meeting him, I definitely consider him a creative.  Also, he was/is the first person I've met for these coffee dates that I knew ZERO about before meeting (I like to do my research).  He was recommended to me by Silvia of Carpe Diem and well, that was good enough for me!

Leon is a sushi chef at a Tsunami.  I only start with that because it's food.  Leon's passion is food, and it's obvious.  (I love foodies).  Leon and I see eye-to-eye on what it means to have a good time.  Food, friends and family.  I like to add wine and board games in that mix.

I've never tasted any of his food creations, but it would seem he has some talent.  Later that evening, he was praised because there is a Leon Roll on the sushi menu, and this girl loves it.  Literally, she said so at least 5 times.

We ended up talking for 3+ hours, I lost track.   He told me his life story being originally from Laos and how he ended up in Lafayette, LA.  If you meet him and he's up for telling the story, I'd encourage it.  He spoke of food recipes and restaurants he enjoys.  Life abroad and other travels.  A possible food blog he may start, which I definitely encourage.  Leon recommended I watch "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" - which is now on my to-do list.  It was wonderful to have great, interesting conversation with someone my age.

After talking about food most of the coffee date, we went to Jefferson Street Pub.  Apparently they added gastropub, which is like really good food made for the bar.  I didn't even know it existed till Leon recommended it.  Come to find out, I knew the chefs, C.J. Pothier and Robert Sandberg.  Last year I went to a dinner hosted by The Underground Supper Club.  They were two of the four chefs that cooked for us.  That was an amazing dinner, these guys know what they are doing.  So when I found out that they were the cooks, I knew no matter what I go, it would be delicious.  I ordered the fried pickles, which were actually speared and breaded differently than any I had ever tasted.  Leon had the deep fried pimiento cheese balls.  For the main dish I had the special of the day, which was a black eyed pea soup with some french bread.  Leon ordered the shepherd's pie, which was tasted like home.  I plan to go back to try more!

After supper we parted ways, but I have a feeling it will not be the last time I hang out with Leon. ;)

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