About me

I’m Kelli! 

Short and Sweet. My background story goes a little like this.  I was born in New Iberia, LA, but currently reside in Lafayette, LA.  I feel fortunate to be surrounded by the rich Cajun culture and landscape that I fondly call home.  I have an amazing group of  loving, supportive family and friends.  Have you been to Louisiana?   We have some best food ever.  I graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Architecture and Design of May 2007.  After working several jobs, I decided I craved more creativity in my life and starting pursuing my art.

So now I am here!  Showing the world a little piece of my heart.  Hoping to add quality in your everyday life.  
I LOVE learning new arts and crafts.  I am constantly trying new things and experimenting.  Though there is definitely more to me than art.  I love playing with my two precious Maltipoo’s, Dexter and Olive. They are silly, sweet, and adoringly loveable. Really, I may post too many photos of them on Facebook (but seriously, they are so cute!).  We all like to snuggle on the couch and watch movies.  An awesome night for me is cooking for friends, playing board games, and tasting new wine.   When it's not crazy hot Louisiana weather, I love gardening, hiking, bicycling, and walking barefoot on the soft grass.

 Dexter                                                  Olive

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